Mana Cruising Club Inc. Formed in 1959 by a group of dedicated boaties, the Mana Cruising Club's goal of developing a friendly, family based club, while fostering safe boating continues.
Today, Mana Cruising Club has arguably the best facilities of any boating club in New Zealand.

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runs Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Ring the office for pick up times. And see the Bar for drop of times....   

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Things from Thursday, 23rd February 2017
Duty Officers: Bruce & Clifford

    • 1.Upcoming Events
    • 1.1Quiz night – Friday 24th February 1900 hours. Get your teams of 6 ready and let Cathy know.
  • 2.Rugby Sweep - from next week on the Super 18 Competition. Entry $10. Rules and entry forms will be available to start next Thursday.
  • 3.Electricity Outage – 7.30 am to 7.00 pm 6 March 2017 - Northpower has been contracted to replace the 11000v switchgear and transformer in the substation on the road that leads to the Mana Cruising Club. This sub supplies power to the Mana Cruising Club. This work is programmed for Monday 6th March 2017 and will require the power to be off from 7.30am to 7.00pm. Treat all lines as live at all times.
  • 4.Moorings- Repairs are required to three of our moorings as follows:
    Kumutoto #13 – the one closest to the head of the bay. The warp has been cut and subsequently repaired by someone. Initial visual observation indicates it is OK to use until better repairs are undertaken. Use with caution.
    Tawa Bay Endeavour Inlet #20 – at the head of the Bay - the float has been completely cut off and on the beach.
    Pickersgill #1670 – the eastern of the two – it has been reported that this mooring has been dragged too close to the shore. We will check its position, but if off-site it won’t be shifted until the next full maintenance round prior to next Christmas. Use with caution and not in southerly conditions.
    We will attempt to repair/ check these three moorings early next month. Note that in each of these three bays we have an alternative mooring that is still available for use. It is timely for a reminder to all members to PLEASE reverse off the mooring when leaving and ensure you are well clear i.e you sight the buoy and warp before moving away.
  • 5. Wharf Sales of Fish. - Streaker is now in a position to sell whole Terakihi at the breastwork. So if you see Streaker at the breastwork, feel free to ask if they have any fish to sell.
  • 6.Survey– Thank you to all those who have responded. The survey has closed today with over 400 responses. Results will be made available once we have analysed them.
  • 7.Courtesy Coach Driver – tonight’s driver is Dwayne Watkinson.
  • 8.Friday Cash Raffle - first prize $50, second $30, third $10. Tickets 3 for $5. Limited to 54 tickets. When tickets are sold raffle is drawn.
  • 9.Raffles - four draws, a $35 KP Marine voucher, a $50 voucher from The Mad Butcher, a $30 voucher from Zampelles, Johnsonville Mall and a $50 voucher from Mana Natural Health & Beauty for the ladies!!
  • 10.New Locker Draw – $1,100 to be won.
    1st winner - Jeff Barnes– drew eight of diamonds
    2nd winner – Peter Barnes – drew the nine of diamonds
    Both winners went away with a $25 voucher and the joker stays until next Thursday’s draw.

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Mana Tidal Gauge

Link to the Mana Tidal Gauge updated every 30 minutes. Most recent observation in millimetres above the Chart Datum is annotated in the chart - add 1 hour to annotated time during daylight saving. There is approximately 1 metre of water below the Chart Datum at the marina entrance.

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