Mana Cruising Club Inc. Formed in 1959 by a group of dedicated boaties, the Mana Cruising Club's goal of developing a friendly, family based club, while fostering safe boating continues.
Today, Mana Cruising Club has arguably the best facilities of any boating club in New Zealand.

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Mooring Etiquette

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Trailer Boat Ramp Etiquette

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Notice to Users of Mana Cruising Club Dinghy Racks

Mana Marina will shortly start repair work on the Northern Breakwater that requires a stockpile of rock to be temporarily stored close to the breakwater. Mana Cruising Club is working closely with Mana Marina on the project and has agreed to move their Dinghy Racks to provide a suitable site for the rock stockpile. The racks will be returned to their current position when the work is completed. Dinghy owners using the rack should contact the Marina Office (04 233 0091) by 1 July 2019, so that arrangements can be made to remove the dinghies from the racks, so the racks can be moved to a temporary site.


Mana Tidal Gauge

Link to the Mana Tidal Gauge updated every 30 minutes. Most recent observation in millimetres above the Chart Datum is annotated in the chart - add 1 hour to annotated time during daylight saving. There is approximately 1 metre of water below the Chart Datum at the marina entrance.

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