Mana Cruising Club Inc. Formed in 1959 by a group of dedicated boaties, the Mana Cruising Club's goal of developing a friendly, family based club, while fostering safe boating continues.
Today, Mana Cruising Club has arguably the best facilities of any boating club in New Zealand.

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Mana Cruising Club Courtesy Coach

runs Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Ring the office for pick up times. And see the Bar for drop of times....   

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Things from Thursday, 18th May 2017
Duty Officers: Allan & Clifford

    • 1.Upcoming Events
    • 1.1Saturday 20th May – 1900 hours - Musician plus Karaoke - Tom Knowles well known for playing in Courtney Place..
    • 1.2Queens Birthday Cruise – those interested please contact Lindsey on we can meet on Thursday 1st June at 1830 hours to confirm.
    • 1.3Tuesday 6th June - 1900 hrs - Dinner with Rotary – Speaker Paul Craven from the Rescue Coordination Centre on “How SAR activities are co-ordinated”. $25 buffet dinner please let Cathy know if you would like to attend.
    • 1.4Saturday 17th June 1900 hours - Birdman & Mid Winter Dinner/Dance – “Double Click” will be playing. Book with the Restaurant. Create your Birdman outfit – starts 1500 hours please register with Cathy.
  • 2. Rugby – on the Big Screen. Friday Chiefs v Crusaders 1935 hours, Saturday Hurricanes v Cheetahs 1935 hours.
  • 3.New Menu - please note we have a new menu in the Mooring Restaurant. Come down and sample it!!
  • 4.Handle Club - We are opening up a “handle Club” for up to 30 Members who will for $30 membership a year, get a slightly bigger handle with their name on it, and every Sunday will be handle club day where you will get a cheaper beer and there will be raffles, platters of food and some Handle give away for members, this is also for the wine drinkers aka ” wine wench’s” and the lovers of bottled beer aka “they can’t handle club”. Once a month we will have a “club” day where there will be a happy hour and Barbecue food as well as competitions involving competitions like baking a good mince pie and blind fold darts, guess the drink and many other fun things that involves mayhem and hilarity. If you would like to join please see Dwayne at the bar.
  • 5.Flare Night - This is definitely going to happen it is just that we need to organise a number of parties to obtain approval which we are working through at the moment. We are also inviting Coastguard and Maritime Police to attend. It is planned to hold this in conjunction with Plimmerton Boating Club at Plimmerton Boating Club given the extra open space there. This means that we can set off all the flare types including parachute flares.
  • 6.Email addresses - given that we are commencing the monthly email newsletter, we have set up two email databases, one for TFT and one for the newsletter and other notices. If you don't wish to receive either of these emails you simply click on unsubscribe at the foot of the emails. Similarly if you are not receiving the emails please let Cathy know.
  • 7.Courtesy Coach Driver -tonight’s driver is Allan Davidson.
  • 7.Friday Cash Raffle - first prize $50, second $30, third $10. Tickets 3 for $5. Limited to 54 tickets. When tickets are sold raffle is drawn.
  • 8.Raffles - four draws, a $35 KP Marine voucher, a $50 voucher from The Mad Butcher, a $30 voucher from Zampelles, Johnsonville Mall and a $50 voucher from Mana Natural Health & Beauty for the ladies!!
  • 10. Basket Draw - The winner of the Bar basket draw is Kim Harriss.
  • 9.New Locker Draw – $1,100 to be won.
    1st winner -Danica Stent - drew 5 Diamonds
    Robyn Buchler - drew 4 Hearts
    Both winners went away with a $25 voucher and the joker stays until next Thursday’s draw.

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Mana Tidal Gauge

Link to the Mana Tidal Gauge updated every 30 minutes. Most recent observation in millimetres above the Chart Datum is annotated in the chart - add 1 hour to annotated time during daylight saving. There is approximately 1 metre of water below the Chart Datum at the marina entrance.

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