Mana CC – Update on Yard Options

At the last Special meeting last year, the Committee was instructed to produce a feasibility report and detailed costing for the Yard re-design, with the option that moved the launching ramp and trailer boat facilities to the East Yard and left the Travel lift and moored boats yard in the current location.
The Committee engaged Marico Marine Ltd to conduct a brief feasibility study of the preferred option.  Marico agreed that the Health and Safety risk of running the two options from the same yard are unsustainable in the long term and that the best mitigation is to split them across both yards.  They found, however, that the currently preferred option is not the most effective use of the available land area, concluding:
There is professional concern that separation of the heavy lifting process and ramp operations with trailers and small craft needs to be addressed in the near future. Risk is such that a policy of risk isolation should be taken forward as this can be achieved.
     A clear opinion of Marico Marine is that all of the large hull movement and maintenance operations should be moved to the east of the waterfront, with trailer launching organised in the present area, with an enlarged ramp. This leaves only one development option, in our opinion.
Accordingly, the detailed design and costings for the currently preferred option has been deferred, and a costing for the alternative, Eastern Yard travel lift version is being progressed. A detailed design phase is underway, which will in turn allow for a firm cost to be established. The Committee plans to call a further special meeting when this information is to hand.
Clearly, our earlier expectations of timing have been upset by the Engineers contrary opinion.  The Committee considers arriving at the right option for the next 50 years of our Club is more important than rushing to a sub-optimal conclusion, I’m sure you will agree.
One commonly expressed objection to the Eastern Yard travel lift operation is the potential for debris from yard operations to blow across the marina.  As our environmental obligations are to ensure that this material is captured and disposed of appropriately for all yard operations, this consideration has not been a major factor in discounting the new option.
We have also commenced formal discussions with the Mana Marina company around a potential for a joint venture for the development of the east yard.  We consider this conversation to be germane to the cost of establishing and running the operation over the next decades, rather than being a factor in selecting the right option for the Clubs future.
You can read the full report from the Engineer on our website ,and I look forward to discussing this with members over the next few weeks.
Obviously under the present COVID-19 circumstances, we can’t get together to discuss, so will look forward to questions by email in the short term.  We will organise a meeting if required when it is safe to do so.