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As a community minded club, the club supports initiatives in our community and cruising grounds. You can read up on the organisations the club directly supports as a sponsor.

One of these is a partnership with DOC to eradicate rats and other such pests from Pickersgill Island.

Update on 20 July 2023

We have been operating Good Nature A24 traps in a net work on Pickersgill Island in the Marlborough Sounds for 2 Years. These traps use bait not poison. When this project started the bush was completely quiet. Here is a quick clip of what it is like now. Definitely progress, still got work to do. | Rob Paulin

N.B. Turn sound up

DOC Announcement

A DOC Community Fund grant of $20,000 is being given to the Mana Cruising Club Friends of Pickersgill Island group for trapping work on Matapara/Pickersgill Island. It will enable the purchase of 55 self-resetting A24 rat traps and supplies for maintaining the traps. The crew from the Porirua-based club will boat to the island in Queen Charlotte Sound twice a year to service the traps.

DOC Sounds Operations Manager Dave Hayes says DOC welcomes the club members' support to make Pickersgill Island rat-free.