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We started running regular monthly fishing evenings at the club in July 2022 with a view to providing our members with a forum to discuss and share their fishing stories, meet fellow fishers, and provide information that may be of interest and assist in enhancing the fishing experience. If fishing is your thing, come down and join us every third Wednesday of the month at 7pm. Each night generally follows the following format:

  • Welcome
  • Black Pearl Fishing Report
  • Maori fishing Calendar
  • Latest Fishing News from Fisheries New Zealand
  • Niwa Seasonal climate outlook
  • Questions
  • Mix and mingle
Followed by our guest speaker for the evening.
loaded rod

Next Meeting

Wednesday Night, 19th June, 7pm.

Thanks to Hunting and Fishing, we are delighted to announce our guest speaker for this month will be Chris Wong, from Jigstar.
Chris has developed Jigstar into a supplier of high quality and affordable tackle to take on New Zealand's biggest kingfish and other species.



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Past Monthly Meetings

May 2024

Another great night at the club with our usual fishing information and prize giving for the Photo Competition, where Wayne J took out the top prize of a Burnsco Gift Card and Lure with a 63cm Snapper. Wayne T with a 52cm Kahawai, Menno with a 42cm Trevally and Cribby with a 35.5cm Snapper took our Mana Cruising Club bar Tabs. Wayne J also caught the 3rd longest fish entered - nice fish and well done .

This was followed with Jeff showing us a movie of a trip off the South Island catching giant Blue Fin Tuna, followed by Chris from Wild Blue Tackle showing us their range of lures and explaining their use.
He also spoke of the developing Southern Blue Fin Tuna fishery off the east coast of the lower North Island.

April 2024

Our normal information meeting was followed by our photo prizegiving for the month.

Dave took out the Burnsco Gift Voucher and Lure and Ron took out the Mana Cruising Club bar tab.

This was followed by a presentation from Peter and Chris from Wild Blue Tackle, who gave us the run down on their rane of terminal tackle as well as their new range of game fishing lures.

We heard about their commitment to detail and quality control that makes their gear stand apart  - all in a veryinformative evening.

Once again Kev from KP Marine was on hand to provide us with a displayof their products and some super, on the night specials.

March 2024

Our March meeting on Wednesday night saw a small turnout due a mix up in the notices to the members. However we went ahead and presented the fishing report, news from NIWA about blue cod acting like kittens, the changes to the trailer wof requirements for number plates, long range weather forecast, sea temperatures, shellfish toxin warnings and a prize giving for the Annual Photo Fishing Competition.
Menno took out the top prize with a 54cm Snapper, closely followed by Wayne and Shaun who took away a $25 bar tab each.
The formal section was followed buy a general discussion on our fishing grounds and what you be likely to catch in the various areas around us.

February 2024

Another great night, with our normal meeting followed by Steve from Fishbites.

Thanks to Steve who explained about the new type of synthetic bait and its applications as well as Kev from KPM for the super special price we enjoyed on the night.

The first Annual Photo Fishing Competition prizegiving took place as well, with Jeff taking out the top prize of a Burnsco voucher and flasher rigs with an 89cm tuna, with Shaun and Wayne taking the 2 Mana Cruising Club bar tabs.

We are also starting up a specific fishing group newsletter mailing list. You can sign up to receive this at

6th December 2023 Christmas roundup.

Members present viewed a video of a revolutionary new anchor, the Boomer Anchor in addition to our usual monthly information. Unfortunately, a number of events conspired that meant the actual demonstartion did not happen, however we will be rescheduling for next year.

This was followed with an introduction to the Club' Annual Photo Fishing Competiton.


November 2023

We were fortunate to have Trevor Burgess share some of his knowledge about outboard motors with us. Trevor has been a life long boaty, a Life Member of the club and runs Chat Marine, a boat servicing business based at Mana Cruising Club. He is a qualified Coastguard skipper and gave us a great insight into outboard motors, including:
  • What checks on the motor should I make before and after every trip?
  • What maintenance should be done?
  • Is this different for 2 stroke and 4 stroke motors?
  • How often should an outboard be serviced?
  • What servicing can I do and what should I leave to the experts?
  • What is the average life of an outboard motor?

Image of man filletting

October 2023

James and Alex, both from the Wellington Harbourmaster's office gave a detailed safety presentation and reminders on safety for the season ahead.
This included some valuable safety advice and tips as well as a reminder for those very experienced boaties that accidents can happen to the best of us. If you missed the night you can see their web page at
They also gave a demonstration on inflatable lifejackets and their use. This gave us all a graphic reminder of what could go wrong when a showing what happens when you pull the tag on an inflatable lifejacket resulted in nothing happening. The cord was caught behind the cyliner and it it was a real emergemcy, it would have been sdifficult to figure ot what was wrong and fix.
Man talking to a woman
Crowd watching a presentation

September 2023

Tony is the Department of Conservation’s marine reserve Ranger for the Kapiti Wellington District and he spoke to us about his work.

His main focus is the two marine reserves in Wellington, Kapiti marine reserve and Tapu te ranga marine reserve on the south coast. He outlined that although the two reserves are quite different in makeup and structure, they are both very special places, something we can be very proud of and to be treasured.

Man presenting to crowd

August 2023

Our guest speaker was Matt Dobson who explained how we can prospect for new fishing grounds using the elecrtronic devices we now have available.
He shared his knowledge via the big screen linked to his mapping app on a tablet and this gave us all some valuable insights on how this works and how to apply to our fishing.
Image of man filletting

July 2023

Allan Davidson and Chris Jupp gave us a presentation on sustainable fishing and maximising the resource.
The background being the declining fish populations with some species harder to find and what we can do to ensure our children and grandchildren will be able to catch a feed.
Chris Jupp is associated with the LegaSea Kai Ika Project in Auckland, their plans to help in our region and how we can help our region improve our fish utilization and our community.
Along with the talk there was a slide presentation, some boating give aways

Man talking to a woman
Crowd watching a presentation

June 2023

Paul Atmore gave us a great talk on his background in game fishing and how he managed to succeed at targeting striped marlin in the Taranaki fishery.

He also explained the Marlin Satellite Tagging initiative, the stuggle to get it going and the great rewards now being achieved through this initiative. In the image below the three dots show where tags put into the fish off Taranaki released from the fish.

All in all an amazing night and one that may be repeated.
Man presenting to crowd

May 2023

Our guest speakers were

Flelix spoke about reels, selection, cleaning, maintenance etc .
Followed by Steve who informed us about burly systems for deeper water,  touching on where to position the burly in different depths.

Image of man filletting
Man filleting fish

April 2023

A full turnout for the combined Navionics/KPMarine Electronics evening. Ben Maule from Navionics gave us a rundown on the parts of a chartplotter sounder and how the various components all contribute to the presentation on the screen.

The night was such a sucess he is happy to return and do an interactive demo on a sounder through the big screen. Watch this space for dates.
Man talking to a woman
Crowd watching a presentation

March 2023

Knife Sharpening presented by Riley from KPMarine

Riley has demonstrated a range of knives and explained how to keep them sharp. He provided practical advice on how to sharpen knives using diamond steels, steels, whetstones and stones.

A highly informative evening.
Man presenting to crowd

February 2023

Our guest speaker was Trevor Burgess, who demonstrated how to fillet snapper and blue moki, and to make use of all the fish.
Image of man filletting
Man filleting fish

December 2022

Overall a low key wrap up for our final meeting of the year. We started with our normal fishing report and news followed by Riley from KP Marine, who bought along some rods and electric reels along with some jig packs for sale.
Members had the opportunity to chat with Riley and get information on the latest in fishing gear.

November 2022

Fish of the month: Hapuku

Mark and Jurien Loper with this hapuku.

In Mark's words "we caught this Hapuku at the start of November this year. We were fishing out of Makara, it was our first time launching our boat at the cruising club and our first Puka for the new boat."

Image of a Hapuku

Guest Speakers:

Trevor and Geoff, both life members of the club (between them members for over 50 years) have both also made over 500 crossings of Cook Strait in the last 10 years. The club is fortunate to have members with this level of experience and who are more than happy to share that vast amount of knowledge. We heard what makes the strait such a treacherous piece of water (it is a natural wind funnel bordered by high geographic features on the North and South Islands), Topics included wind, tides, tide sets and tidal streams, sea states and lots, lots more - basically everything you need to know to be able to plan and make a safe crossing and return.
Thank you Trevor and Jeff.

Image of a crowd

October 2022

Fish of the month: Terakihi

Damien Kelly with this terakihi. In his own words" New club member this year. Loving the fishing launching facilities thank you. I caught a tarakiki 1 october but in the harbour so not sure if it counts. Was a windy day so we hid in the harbour. 12.8 degrees and we got two legal snapper (one released)."
Terakihi Image
Guest Speaker: Matt Dobson from Black Pearl Charters

Matt talked a little about himself and his operation and how he fishes the west coast on any given day. He explained how working the wind and tides can affect fishing and how to improve your chances of getting some fish.
He also shared how to make maximum use of the day, how to get the best rewards with different styles of fishing when targetting Snapper, Kingfish and Grouper.
A most imformative talk that was well received.
Thank you Matt.

Image of Black Pearl Charter
Image of fishing drift pattern

September 2022

Fish of the Month: Blue Cod
Our winner, Mike Walter, won himself a new reel to target more for next month with this nice cod.
Image of a Cod
Guest Speaker:
Riley from KP Marine came down to the club and gave a presentation on slow jigging. A most informative talk was follwed by him showing a selection of jigs and rods which were available to purchase.

August 2022

A great presentation by Mike of his first gamefish catch, a 27.5kg Yellowfin Tuna out off Whakatane. Also our normal agenda of fishing conditions update, seasonal weather report from Niwa, latest news from MAF as well as the Maori calendar of upcoming fishing.

July 2022

Our inaugural meeting.
It had been suggested that the committee establish a Fishing Section with a view to sharing knowledge and getting to know fellow club members who enjoy fishing.
There was a great turnout for this first meeting which outlined the reasons for forming this adjunct and presented the proposed topics that will be covered each month along with intended speakers.
Matt from Black Pearl Charters shared a bit of impromptu information/ local guidance on current fishing.
Those who came provided great feedback and support to continue running these meetings monthly.