Mana Cuising Club trailer boat ramp
We have a 2 lane trailer boat ramp to provide safe and convenient launching.

Loading gear and passengers is easy and safe from the floating pontoon.  

The ramp is hard-surfaced with sufficient water depth to accommodate all trailerable craft (minimum of 2.2m deep) and is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
There is FREE parking for cars and trailers adjacent to the breastwork. Please be considerate to other users and ensure that access is not impeded to the carpark when you are parking .
Vessel Wash-Down
A vessel wash-down area is adjacent to the boat ramp and two taps are provided.  
Boat Rubbish
Rubbish bins are located adjacent to the boat ramp for your boat rubbish.  No fish waste please.
Trailer Boat Ettiquette
The steps outlined below will help speed up launching and retrieving your boat and avoid causing unnecessary irritation to other ramp users. Please be considerate of others using the ramp and offer assistance if able, e.g., if one person is attempting to launch and retrieve.

Preparation for Launching

Prior to approaching the Ramp
  • bung in securely
  • tie-downs removed
  • light board removed
  • all personal gear, safety gear, food and clothing on board
  • outboard support bracket and tow flag removed
  • bow and stern line secured to boat
  • proof of membership clearly on display
At the Ramp

  • while the driver reverses down the ramp, someone else walks beside the vehicle holding the bow line
  • push the boat off the trailer

Boat Skipper
  • move the boat to the pontoon
  • keep moving boat seawards along the pontoon to free up space at the launching area
Car Driver
  • park the vehicle and trailer, and return to the boat
  • park in authorised areas only
  • park as close possible to the next car/trailer to maximise the number of spaces available
  • ensure car is locked
Leaving the Ramp

  • the marina is a NO WAKE zone. Max speed 3 knots
  • follow maritime rules i.e. pass port to port etc
On returning to the Ramp
    Boat Skipper
  •     drop-off a person to retrieve the vehicle and trailer at the breastwork
  •     join the queue to use the ramp
  •     wait for your trailer to be positioned on the ramp before approaching ramp
    Car Driver
  •     Ensure winch rope is extended to enable quick hook up to winch point on vessel
  •     Join queue to ramp and move into vacant space as quickly as possible
  •     winch the boat onto the trailer – PLEASE DO NOT DRIVE THE BOAT ONTO THE TRAILER. The concrete ramp is undercut and this will cause this further scouring and damage
  •     tie on safety line to secure boat to trailer
  •     drive up the ramp to the wash down area – watch for end of pontoon on left
  •     wash down area is for a quick rinse and wash down, not a thorough clean. If others are waiting, please be considerate and keep your wash down to a minimum
  •     drive away from the wash down area to prepare for departure
Please report any instances of inappropriate use of ramp, parking issues etc to the yard manager on the day they occur.