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The Mana Cruising Club has the capability of lifting vessels in and out of the water together with hard stand facilities. This service is available to both our members and non members. Haul outs and cradles are booked by filling out the booking form below.

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View our full list of services, rates, hints and tips for your lift or download a copy of our schedule of current services and rates.

Upon successfully completing a booking you will receive an e mail confirming our receipt of that booking. This is not confirmation that we will be able to undertake your job on the day and time requested. If you do not receive an e mail, please contact our Office Manager, either by e mail or on Ph. 04 2331578 Mobile 021 230 4509.

Please note the actual date and time of the lift will be confirmed to you once we have processed your booking. While we will do all we can to meet your booking requirements, we cannot guarantee when a cradle will be available.

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