Mana Cruising Club Incorporated.

The club was formed in 1959 by a group of dedicated boaties, who recognised the need for a base to maintain and repair their vessels as well as a venue for socialising. Minutes of the second meeting of the committee record “But we must remember that we are building not only for ourselves but also future generations - and our long term planning must be on a sufficient scale to cater for the undoubted growth of the club”. That foresight has seen the club develop to its current state where we have a modern travel lift, extensive hardstanding facilities, and trailer boat launching ramp and parking as well as a clubhouse that contains a fully equipped restaurant, wardroom and function room.

Today, Mana Cruising Club has arguably the best facilities of any boating club in New Zealand.
To promote the growth and development of the Club, ensuring its long term financial viability for the benefit and enjoyment of all present and future members and visitors.
A friendly, family based community club for all, fostering safe boating and water activities.
"A Welcome Landing"
Your Committee
Commodore : Eleanor Barrett
Vice Commodore : Ray Di Leva
Rear Commodore : Helen Beswick-Cousins
Rear Commodore : Joe Fraser
Secretary : Doug Clark
Treasurer : Vicky Mackay
Alex Tollenaar
Nils Snopko
Ray Foster
Terina Adams