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Catering Menu Choices

Meat Options

Roast Beef and gravy-*DF
Roast Pork and gravy-*DF
Honey or maple or mustard Glazed Ham-*GF *DF
Turkey and stuffing-*DF
Chicken Schnitzel and mushroom sauce
Lemon and Garlic Chicken breast
Chicken Parmesan
Rosemary roasted Lamb Shoulder-*GF* DF
Lasagne- Beef or Vegetarian *V Option
Chicken Alfredo/Vegetarian Alfredo *V Option
Chicken Amatriciana (chicken, bacon, capsicum, pasta in a blush sauce)

Vegetable Options- gluten free, dairy free, vegan options

Mixed Vegetables
Roasted pumpkin
Mashed Potatoes
Roasted Potatoes
Potato Gratin (onion and cheese) *GF
Scalloped Potato *GF

Salad Options

Broccoli and bacon Salad-*GF
Garden Salad with house dressing-*GF *DF *V
Macedonian Greek Salad (lettuce, red onions, cucumber, feta cheese, beetroot, tomatoes) *GF
Coleslaw-*GF *DF*V
Potato Salad-*GF *DF *V
3 Bean Salad-*GF *DF *V
Ambrosia Salad *V
Tuna Pasta Salad *DF


Carrot Cake with cream cheese icing
Chocolate Cake, OR banana cake
Apple Crisp
New York Cheesecake- your choice of fruit topping- Cherry, strawberry, blueberry, mango etc.
Cupcakes-Choc or vanilla with butter icing of your choice
Pavlova -*GF
Fruit Salad-*GF *DF

Catering Options

$25/pp + GST$35/pp + GST $45/pp + GST
2 Meat 3 Meat 4 Meat
2 Vegetable 2 Vegetable 3 Vegetable
2 Salad 2 Salad 3 Salad
1 dessert 2 Dessert 3 Dessert
Coffee & Tea Coffee & Tea Coffee & Tea

Prices include all napkins, service staff, function management and tableware hire.
*GF=Gluten Free *DF=Dairy free

Cold Platter Options (20 person platters)

-Vegetable Crudité-broccoli, carrots, celery, cauliflower, tomatoes, capsicum $80 +GST
-Meat Platter-Ham, salami, chicken, roast beef $100 +GST
-Pinwheel Platter-chicken, roast beef, crab, ham (Sandwiches) $120 +GST
-Fruit Platter-seasonal fruit $90 +GST
-Salsa Dip Platter and Nacho Chips $70 +GST
-Sweets platter-muffins, cupcakes, squares (assorted choices) $90 +GST
-Shrimp Cocktail $100 +GST

Fried Food Platters (20 person platters) Condiments included $100+GST

-Prawn Twisters-8
-Chicken Tenders-8
-Fish Bites-8
-Crumbed Shrimp-8
-Spring rolls-8

Finger Food Choices- Please select from these options $2.50 each +GST

-Mini Sausage Rolls and sauce
-Potato Skins and sour cream (vegetarian without bacon)
-Spring rolls and sweet chili sauce
-BBQ Meatballs
-Muffins or scones
-Chicken tenders and sauce
-Baby quiche (vegetarian option)
-Fish goujons and tartare sauce
-Crab stuffed mushroom caps
Please ask if there are alternate options you’d like not listed above.
Prices include all napkins, service staff, function management and tableware hire.