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Committee news

At our AGM on 2 October, we welcomed a new                     changes to the magazine. Her enthusiasm and
committee:                                                     commitment to Onboard has left us with big shoes
Commodore: Mike Quayle                                         to fill. On behalf of all our members I would like
Vice Commodore: Kim Harriss                                    to thank Phillippa for her time and dedication and
Rear Commodores: Menno Oortgiesen & Allan                      wish her well in her studies. Thanks to member
Davidson                                                       Janie Walker for stepping in and helping us with
Secretary: Lindsey Haagh                                       December’s On Board.
Treasurer: Cliff Wilson
Committee: Clifford Buchler, Steve Lange, Vicky                Awards presented at the AGM
Mackay, Bruce Paulsen
                                                               •	 The Goldie Cup – for the most improved
The committee meets monthly to discuss                            cruising performance – Janie Walker and Dean
administrative, operational and strategic matters.                Porter, Pebbles
We’re looking at areas for improvements, especially
ones identified in the 2014 survey. And there’s a              •	 The Balsillie Memorial Trophy – for the most
Rules Review underway due to impending changes                    improved coastal cruise – Brenda and Andy Bell,
to the Incorporated Societies legislation. We’ll keep             Monowai III
you informed of progress. We’ll be running another
survey in the New Year too – your input will steer             •	 The Boatswain Award – for providing the most
us in the future.                                                 assistance to members – Kevin Shoebridge

Onboard Editor                                                 •	 The Capacious Award – for landing the heaviest
Philippa, our editor for the past two has years has               fish – Scott Hampton
moved on to study. She made some wonderful
                                                               •	 The Tamahine Award – for the heaviest fish
                                                                  caught at the Club fishing competition – John

                                                               •	 The Bridge Trophy – for the greatest boating
                                                                  mishap – John Weir

Meet the committee

                                                               not yet ventured further out yet. Perhaps the other spots
                                                               might be a bit isolated for my wife and me. We do like the
                                                               social connections of the various resorts around QCS and
                                                               also stopping at Picton for a few nights.

Here’s Cliff Wilson – Our treasurer (luckily for us he’s good  Why boats?
with numbers)                                                  We were looking for an escape from six grown-up
                                                               children in our house! We wanted something by the
Where is your favourite place?                                 sea. It was important then that the boat was set up with
We have been going to Queen Charlotte Sounds almost            power and water so that when we went on board the beer
every year in the last 10 years. We love it so much we have    was cold in the fridge and the water was hot out of the
                                                               taps. We bought a berth at Mana Marina. It was a perfect

                                                               Favourite fishing spot?
                                                               Where the fish are.

                                                               Yacht or launch?
                                                               Definitely a launch. To me a yacht is like being in prison
                                                               but with the added risk of drowning!!

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