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New members – Welcome to the following new Club

Name	                                    Location	          Boat Name	         Type of Craft


Dean Adgo	                               Upper Hutt	        The Dream	         Launch
Sacha Haskell	                           Paraparaumu	       Sunrunner	         Trailer craft
Trevor & Maree	                          Paraparaumu 	      TBA	               Fishing boat
Kieren Boyle Lapham	                     Island Bay	        Frances	           Trailer craft
Steven Ellis	                            Plimmerton	        Luiz	              Trailer craft
Brendon Veale	                           Pukerua Bay	       TBA	               Launch
Murray Lee 	                             Plimmerton	        Rondeau	           Trailer craft
Matt Robertson	                          Judgeford	         No Name	           Yacht
Dan Kelly	                               Pukerua Bay	       Blue Denim	        Yacht
Mark Ruston & Lesley Cook	               Nikau Valley	      Ocean Heir	        Trailer craft
Tim Coles	                               Lower Hutt	        Tin Tin	           Trailer craft
Grant Hodgson	                           Kelburn	           Cantilena	         Trailer craft
Jamie & Kristin Murray	                  Aotea	             TBA	               Yacht
John Debney	                             Palmerston North	  Wandering Willie	  Trailer craft
Chris Ellis	                             Elsdon	            Housecat	          Trailer craft
Laura Aitkenhead	                        Raumati South	     Slap	


Murray Grimwood	                         Otago	             Sagamo	            Yacht
John Ormsby	                             Palmerston North	  Force Ten	         Launch


Peter & Liz Sheppard		                                      Whitby	
Jack & Sisi He Bin		                                        Whitby	
David Stewart		                                             Whitby	
Anna Maria Montanaro		                                      Plimmerton	
Matthew Cutler & Michelle Alosio		                          Titahi Bay	
Mark Marfell		                                              Paraparaumu	

Yard update

In July / August we have had 59 boat                        your boat may require before the xmas break as
movements by the travelift. Although we                     there are only 15 weekends before xmas...
have been quite full, we have still had an                  We have a few bookings so far for the XL cradles so
odd cradle to spare and have been able to                   if you own one of the bigger boats, be in!
accommodate all requests fairly smartly.                    Our important division, small boats, please
                                                            remember this year’s sticker for your trailer, be
This all sounds easy but please remember to book            courteous on the ramp, don’t power onto your
any requirements - don’t just turn up on the day!           trailer and tidy the hoses up after wash down.
Please remember to leave your cradle as you found           Carry on having fun,
it and stack all blocks used away. Think about what

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