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Vacancy OnBoard editor                                                     Mana Cruising
                                                                                   Club Officers
           Due to an increasing workload, Philippa can no longer
           continue as editor for OnBoard, so we’re looking for a new              COMMODORE
           volunteer. The editor’s role takes about 10 hours every couple
           of months. If you have reasonable writing and publications              John Setter
           skills and are keen to contribute to your club, contact John for
           a chat.                                                                 vice COMMODORE

     From the Dockside                                                             Kim Harris

            Subscription renewals                                                  rear COMMODOREs
           Invoices have been posted to all members. Please remember to put
           your name and/or invoice number on your electronic payments.            Mike Quayle & Menno Oortgiesen
           Thank you to all those who have paid so quickly.
           The AGM will be held at Mana Cruising Club on Sunday 2 October          Cliff Wilson
           at 1600 hours. In order to be able to vote at the AGM (if needed)
           you must be a financial member on or before this day. The official      Secretary
           Notice of AGM is published elsewhere in this issue of OnBoard. The
           Annual Report will be in electronic form this year and you will be      Vacant
           notified when it’s available. There will be a limited quantity printed
           for the day of the AGM is anyone requires one.                          Committee

            Opening Day                                                            Alan Davidson, Pete Clarke,
           Opening Day is Saturday 8 October at 1600 hours. Afternoon tea          Richard Gordon,Clifford Buchler
           and refreshments will follow. There will be a notice of the band
           playing for the evening further in this issue of OnBoard. A buffet      office manager
           dinner and dance starts at 1900 hours.
                                                                                   Cathy Scott
            Reminder – peak hardstand rates
           The Club’s policy is to charge a peak rate for hardstand over the       yard manager
           November and December period each year. This applies to all
           hardstand areas and is aimed at ensuring we have hardstand room         Colin Steele
           available for short term haul outs ahead of the Christmas cruising
           season. We suggest you plan to vacate your hardstand before             Club Information
           November to avoid the imposition of these hire charges.
           We are always seeking contributions of 500 words or fewer and           Mana Sports Radio VHF Ch 63
           photos to accompany them for our On Board magazine. Email
           contributions to                                    office hours

         Regards, Cathy                                                            Mon – Wed & Fri 0900–1700:
                                                                                   Thu 1400–2030; Sat 0900–1300;
2 Mana Cruising Club: On Board magazine                                            Sun & Public Holidays: Closed


                                                                                   Office: 04 233 1578
                                                                                   Yard: 04 233 1588
                                                                                   Restaurant 04 233 8047


                                                                                   Mana Cruising Club
                                                                                   PO Box 57 045
                                                                                   Mana, Porirua 5247
                                                                                   Mana Marina
                                                                                   (Paremata) Ltd
                                                                                   Marina Manager
                                                                                   Phone: 233 0091
                                                                                   Gateway Marine Radio,
                                                                                   VHF Ch 63


                                                                                   Please send your letters, articles,
                                                                                   recipes, photos, jokes etc. to:
                                                                                   On Board
                                                                                   PO Box 57045, Mana,
                                                                                   Porirua 5247 or email

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                                                                                   Level 3, 150 Featherston Street,

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